Payday Loan Alternatives

Payday loan alternatives are the preferred choice for managing personal finances.

Borrowers and Lenders

Short Term Lenders

Online lenders want to establish a financial relationship with borrowers. They provide a confidential and secure platform for borrowers to access financial services. Once a customer, borrowers can apply for additional credit, request new loan terms, and utilize other benefits available to borrowers.

There are many options for borrowers who need a small short term cash loan. High interest payday loans do provide an invaluable service to those stuck in a financial problem, but online lenders have begun to compete for customers by providing an alternative to payday loans. Short term loans with low rates and easy repayment plans have gained traction and are quickly becoming a popular choice.

Borrowers can avoid common debt traps by applying for safe alternatives to payday loans.

Short Term Loan

Previously, payday loans were popular financial choices among unbanked borrowers because payday lenders were the only loan providers that offered fast financing, no credit checks, and short repayment terms. These loans provided borrowers a financial service when other lenders left them financially stranded. The attractive payday loans do have some disadvantages including repayment within 2 weeks and triple digit interest rates. Surprisingly, 12% of payday loan users are disabled and 10% are unemployed. For individuals on a fixed income, repaying a payday loan can often become difficult, if not impossible.

Choosing an alternative financial service provider can give borrowers looking for fair financial services and products the emergency cash they need.

About Us

Payday Loan Alternative has found that financially educated borrowers have higher credit scores, make better big purchase decisions, and repay debts easier. We simplify the messy and cluttered payday loan alternative jargon and provide visitors with crucial information that could turn them into a smarter borrower.


What You Should Know

Zero Collateral

Applying for short term loan products with no collateral requirements means borrowers won't lose any assets in the event of a default.

Lower Interest Rates

Alternatives to a payday loan generally provide borrowers with a lower interest rate.

Small Dollar Cash Loans

Short term loans can be used for bills, transportation, a mortgage, medical costs, and other general expenses.