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Borrowers and Lenders

Short Term Lenders

Online lenders want to establish a financial relationship with borrowers. They provide a confidential and secure platform for borrowers to access financial services. Once a customer, borrowers can apply for additional credit, request new loan terms, and utilize other benefits available to borrowers.

Payday Loan Alternative Terms does not collect or sell any sensitive personal information about its visitors nor does it charge a fee to its visitors for the service it provides. displays information about short term loan products, rates, terms, and fees to illustrate financial options which may be available to some, but not all borrowers. Each applicant's individual credit history and other factors determine which products they will qualify for and plays no role in the decisioning process. The financial entity with whom the borrower applies will make all decisions regarding risk assessment. In some cases may receive remuneration for the introduction of credit products to its visitors. The rates, terms, and all other details pertaining to these products are set by the entity with whom the borrower applies and are subject to adjustment at the entities discretion. It is the borrower's responsibility to review all terms and policies of the lender and their products before taking any action or accepting any offer of credit.

What You Should Know

Zero Collateral

Applying for short term loan products with no collateral requirements means borrowers won't lose any assets in the event of a default.

Lower Interest Rates

Alternatives to a payday loan generally provide borrowers with a lower interest rate.

Small Dollar Cash Loans

Short term loans can be used for bills, transportation, a mortgage, medical costs, and other general expenses.