Short Term Loan Rates

Borrowers and Lenders

Short Term Lenders

Online lenders want to establish a financial relationship with borrowers. They provide a confidential and secure platform for borrowers to access financial services. Once a customer, borrowers can apply for additional credit, request new loan terms, and utilize other benefits available to borrowers.

Payday Loan Alternative Rates

When determining loan rates, short term borrowers will need to present their credit history, amount they wish to borrow, and how long they would like to repay the loan. These 3 factors let credit providers understand the likelihood of the loan going into default, having missed payments, or extending beyond the original loan terms. It's important to be aware of how you handled debt in the past (how you got the credit score you have). This lets you better understand the loan rates that are offered to you, for example, how you can get a lower rate with a higher score.

There are no hard credit checks at time of application, but alternative payday lenders sometimes do use the borrower's credit score to evaluate the customer's ability to pay before issuing the loan. Short term loans offer borrowers a range of interest rates that are fixed throughout the loan's duration. Shop around and find the loan that offers you the best rates and lowest overall cost.

What You Should Know

Zero Collateral

Applying for short term loan products with no collateral requirements means borrowers won't lose any assets in the event of a default.

Lower Interest Rates

Alternatives to a payday loan generally provide borrowers with a lower interest rate.

Small Dollar Cash Loans

Short term loans can be used for bills, transportation, a mortgage, medical costs, and other general expenses.